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Accredited DJ 2011 - 2012

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I have been a weekend DJ all over the North East since 1997


I started my career as a mobile DJ in 1992 playing in North East venues at private parties. From there, I got my first break with a residency at Harvey’s Bar at the Metrocentre where I stayed for 5 years.


I then moved to Newcastle where I worked at Madison, then NE1 nightclub for 2 years.


I spent a further 6 months working in bars and clubs in Kingston-on-Thames in London.


Since 1997  have worked pretty much every weekend in Newcastle’s Bigg Market and Quayside but have also worked in residencies in Sunderland, Durham and further afield.

I adopt a wide music policy with an emphasis on request driven playlists meaning you get to hear the tunes you want.


I am on all major label promotional mailing lists so am amongst the first to receive the latest pop & club tunes. I also utilise wider DJ networks to bring in bootleg & mashup tunes that you will not hear anywhere else.


I enjoy mixing and blending tunes together with ease and accuracy. I also have a clear and confident microphone vocal meaning promotional advertising is clearly delivered to customers.


Gary ;)